Surgical Dentistry

Dental implants for a full jaw reconstruction

Dental implants have had the biggest impact on Dentistry and the quality of life for people in the new world.

The case above shows 6 implants evenly spaced in the upper jaw which had no teeth left. The alternative was a full removable denture/plate which would have covered the roof of the mouth, the ridges and the gums. In this case a denture was not acceptable or tolerated.

The whole arch was reconstructed with an implant supported Zirconia / ceramic bridge returning the mouth to its somewhat original state in terms of function, strength of chewing and of course the smile.

All planning, surgery and restorative work was undertaken by Dr Anand and the bridge was fabricated in Melbourne by Andent.

Implant grafting surgery

Sometimes a missing front tooth may require a dental implant. Often if a tooth has been missing for a long time, the bone in the area would have shrunk and will necessitate the need for rebuilding of the ridge to receive the implant or build bone around the implant so its fully embedded.

In this case there was a past infection still lingering in the bone. The infection was cleaned out and the implant placed where it was needed despite the defect. The defect was grafted with BioOss bone and a BioGide membrane was then placed over the bone.

These bone products are safe, readily available products that reduce the need to harvest your own bone. Over time, the bone integrates well with the hosts native bone and the implant becomes fully embedded. After a healing period of 3 to 6 months, the implant has taken and a screw in abutment and crown (tooth) is placed over the implant.

This procedure was painlessly undertaken in the surgery under local anaesthesia.

Surgery and grafting was undertaken by Dr Anand and his team.

The implant is from Germany and the brand name is Ankylos. The crown was fabricated by the ceramists at Andent, Melbourne.