General Dentistry

Superglue worked for two years

So determined not to lose her teeth, this woman would apply superglue to her teeth for two years and stick them up in the sockets again. The mouth ages just like the home and eventually a renovation is required.

The teeth that were being constantly super-glued in were laid to rest, finally making way for a new six unit fixed bridge that spanned from canine to canine with root forms being fitted into the sockets.

Her wish to have a ruby and a diamond in the bridge were accommodated and incorporated into the bridge.

All dentistry was performed by Dr Anand and the ceramic bridge was fabricated by the ceramists at Andent in Melbourne. The precious stones were set in place by Dr Anand.

Six upper anterior crowns

Sometimes, just having smile fixed up can have a huge impact on the overall outlook of the person as in this case. The 6 upper anterior teeth were rehabilitated with Ceramic crowns.

Dentistry was performed by Dr Anand and the crowns were fabricated by the Ceramists at Andent, Melbourne.

Upper anterior crowns and veneers, including crown lengthening

Poor oral hygiene, no brushing, coupled with a poor diet and smoking led to the advanced deterioration of these teeth. The teeth were treated with crown elongation gum surgery and then ceramic crowns and veneers.

Gum surgery and Dentistry was performed by Dr Anand. Ceramic restorations were fabricated by the Ceramists at Andent, Melbourne.

AquaCare cleaning

We use AquaCare, a mix of air, water and power to gently wash away staining and brighten teeth.

AquaCare uses breakthrough technology to deliver a comfortable, quick, cleaning procedure by using a fine stream of fluid combined with a tiny volume of powder directed at the teeth to be treated. Decay is then comfortably removed with minimal sensation, leaving healthy tooth material undisturbed.

AquaCare cleaning was undertaken by Dr Anand and his team.