Cosmetic Dentistry

Two veneers

The malformed lateral incisors were restored with Ceramic veneers to improve their aesthetics and blend in with the neighbouring teeth.

Dentistry by Dr Anand at Extreme Dentistry and Ceramic work by Andent, Melbourne.


New smile makeover

The six front teeth had been treated with veneers in Thailand about three years before and the veneers were failing so a plan was made to replace all six with new restorations. The original teeth were not aligned, so an illusion of straight teeth was created using ceramic restorations.

The canines (the eye teeth) and the central incisors were treated with veneers and the lateral incisors received full coverage crowns.

All teeth were rehabilitated using Ceramic restorations. Dentistry was performed by Dr Anand. The Ceramic work was achieved by the ceramists at Andent, in Melbourne.

The after picture represents the condition, one year after finishing treatment.

Rehabilitation of tooth wear

Tooth wear is quickly becoming the new age dental condition, with the introduction of acidic drinks, alcohol, stress etc. Tooth wear can sometimes be rehabilitated with thin ceramic coverings called veneers, or full coverage crowns.

In the case below, the four front teeth received crowns and the side teeth (canines) were treated with veneers on the inner sides.

In this case all the dentistry was undertaken by Dr Anand and the ceramic restorations were fabricated in the lab by ceramists at Andent, in Melbourne.

Three dental veneers

We all get older with time and so do our teeth. Teeth can be maintained free of cavities but with age may start showing signs of tiredness through wear and chipping.

In this case the three incisors displayed chipping, loss of enamel, wear and staining. After exploring options, a conservative composite resin veneer option was chosen and the best most conservative option. The upper left lateral incisor was treated first to match the right side and then the two central incisors were treated to create an identical look.

Different shades/colours were blended in like artwork to create a natural blended effect.

Dentistry was performed by Dr Anand at Extreme Dentistry.

Single anterior crown

The hardest tooth to recreate in the mouth is the single anterior tooth (central Incisor) because it has to look like a mirror image of the adjacent tooth. Colour, translucency, shape, surface characteristics all come into play when trying to recreate a tooth. In this case the heavily filled, breaking down central incisor was successfully treated with a full coverage ceramic crown that was built up in layers to recreate a natural appearance.

The dentistry was performed by Dr Anand while the crown was made by Master ceramist Yugo Hatai at Smile by Yugo in Sydney.

Teeth in a day

It is possible to achieve teeth in a day, although it’s a very long, difficult day for both the patient and the dental team. In this case, the teeth were rejuvenated with crowns and bridges all made on site while the patient waited. Using a digital scanner, computer designed crowns and then computer aided milling, it was all made right in front of the patients eyes by CEREC.

Doing so much in one day is a very painstaking exercise, but it can be done. For this to happen you need to present for a consultation first so Dr Anand can determine if it’s a feasible exercise.

In this case all the dentistry including the prosthetic and ceramic work was diligently undertaken by Dr Anand himself.