Dental Implants

One implant two separate bridges

This case was restored using one implant and 2 separate 3 tooth/unit bridges. Surgery, bone grafting, and the restorative work was performed by Dr Anand while the ceramic bridges were artistically fabricated by the ceramists at Andent, in Melbourne.


Dental implants for a full jaw reconstruction

Dental implants have had the biggest impact on Dentistry and the quality of life for people in the new world.

The case below shows six implants evenly spaced in the upper jaw which had no teeth left. The alternative was a full removable denture/plate which would have covered the roof of the mouth, the ridges, and the gums. In this case, a denture was not acceptable or tolerated.

The whole arch was reconstructed with an implant supported Zirconia / ceramic bridge returning the mouth to its some what original state in terms of function, strength of chewing and of course the smile.

All planning, surgery and restorative work was undertaken by Dr Anand and the bridge was fabricated in Melbourne by Andent.


Single tooth dental implant

A dental implant is by far one of the best ways of replacing a single missing tooth.

Traditionally a bridge was the best option but now many regard that as a second best option. The reason being bridges often require the supporting teeth to be cut back and damaged irreversibly while a dental implant is much like having a new tooth plated where the missing tooth is without interfering with the teeth on either side.

In this case all the surgical work, including bone grafting and restorative work was performed by Dr Anand. The implant crown was fabricated by the ceramists at Andent in Melbourne.