Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal Darwin

Are you experiencing continued pain, infection or swelling around your wisdom teeth?

Come and see us at Extreme Dentistry for a solution tailored to you.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a lot of pain due to the fact that often the jaw is not big enough to accommodate these new teeth that are trying to come through. This is a very common problem amongst young people.

Because impacted wisdom teeth cannot come grow properly due to the lack of space inside the mouth, bacteria can enter the tooth causing infection and decay.

It may be recommended you get your wisdom teeth removed for the following reasons;

  • To optimise orthodontic treatments by lessening effects of pushing and crowding.
  • To provide early intervention by solving problems like pain, swelling and/or infection.
  • To avoid impaction when there is not enough room for the tooth to push through.
  • To prevent damage to the tooth in front of your impacted wisdom.
  • To prevent the front incisor teeth from getting pushed in and crowded.

Wisdom teeth can sometimes be difficult to remove so, to ensure your peace of mind and complete comfort, an x-ray assessment is first required before attempting an extraction. X-rays are required so the treatment can be planned and assessed carefully to prevent complications and discomfort.

Wisdom tooth removal can be undertaken either under Local anaesthetic or sedation like IV or General anaesthetic during which you will sleep through the procedure.

Dr Anand at Extreme Dentistry has many years’ experience in treating wisdom teeth. To learn more about this procedure or to book an appointment, call us today on (08) 8948 1225.