Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Therapy Darwin

Are you experiencing tooth pain? At Extreme Dentistry, we’ll get to the ROOT of the problem!

What’s a Root Canal?

At the heart of every tooth, there is a bunch blood vessels and nerves that not only provide nutrition to the tooth to keep it healthy but also act like a warning system to tell us if the tooth is not feeling too well. These vessels and nerves are contained in a tunnel-like opening from the base of the root. These tunnels are referred to as root canals. Front teeth usually have one canal while the molars will have multiple canals.

A tooth can start giving warning signals like extreme sensitivity or throbbing pain, when:

  • It is hurt by way of a deep cavity spreading into the nerve canal
  • Is traumatised
  • Or cracked

If the bacteria from the cavity and mouth reach the heart of the tooth, the nerve and blood vessels of the tooth may get infected and this will lead to the tooth dying. At this stage a simple repair of the cavity or crack will not help the dying nerve and more has to be done to help the tooth settle down. This is when a root canal therapy is recommended by the dentist.

What is a root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure where the tooth is opened up to access the heart of the tooth ( root canals) so that the dying nerve and blood tissue can be cleaned out to treat infection and pain coming from the centre of a tooth. A root canal therapy is like trying to save the foundation of a house from termites so that the house can be saved. If not treated as such the whole house (tooth) will be lost by way of an extraction.

Why we succeed

The average success rate of root canal treatment is 95%. At Extreme Dentistry, we save your teeth rather than resorting to extraction and achieve excellent results by combining our expertise with the latest and most efficient technology.

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