What causes teeth sensitivity?

5 Reasons why you may be suffering from tooth sensitivity

Are sensitive teeth getting in the way of your life? At Extreme Dentistry we believe that our knowledge and experience should be used to enhance the quality of our patient’s lives so that they may leave our practice with a better smile.

Sharp pain and discomfort when you eat or drink something cold or warm is often enough to ruin a good meal. These are also the most common symptoms of teeth sensitivity.

Here are the 5 main causes of teeth sensitivity:

Cause 1: Aggressive brushing

One of the common myths in the world of oral healthcare is that vigorous brushing cleans teeth better. On the contrary, brushing aggressively with tough bristles can cause the hard, protective layer on your teeth, known as the enamel, to wear down over time. Enamel serves as a protective layer over the canals that lead to your nerves. When these canals are exposed to acidic foods, warm or cold drinks – it results in teeth sensitivity.

Cause 2: Whitening or bleaching

Whitening helps to immediately brighten your smile giving you a fresh, healthy appearance. One of the side effects of the popular treatment is teeth sensitivity. This is usually common right after the treatment and should take a few days to go away. The sensitivity is typically caused if the bleaching agent gets into your gums or the tissue around your teeth during the procedure. The discomfort usually lasts a few days after the treatment. If you experience sensitivity a while after a whitening procedure, we recommend that you visit us at our Coconut Grove practice so that we can help you.

 Tips from Dr Anand on how to avoid tooth sensitivity after whitening:

·       Try to avoid acidic foods

·      Stay away from hot or cold food or drinks for at least three days after whitening

·      Brush your teeth gently with a soft bristle brush

Cause 3: Acidic drinks and foods

The acidic products we consume is the leading cause of teeth sensitivity. Acidic foods can cause tooth decay or strip the tooth enamel, exposing the nerve centre of your teeth. This will, in turn trigger a sharp pain when you brush your teeth or consume something that is very cold or hot.

Acidic products are:

· Tomatoes

· Dairy foods like cheese and yoghurt

· Alcohol, like wine

· Fizzy drinks

· Orange juice

Cause 4: Gum recession

Gum recession is when your gum tissue lowers or wears away exposing the roots of your teeth. Our teeth are protected by gums and if your gum line recedes, then your root surface becomes exposed, thus creating tooth sensitivity. This problem can be caused by gum disease, poor oral hygiene or vigorous brushing. Luckily, gum recession is a treatable condition. Book an appointment with us at Extreme Dentistry to find out what your treatment options are.

Cause 5. Tooth decay

Tooth decay is the breakdown of your enamel brought about when the bacteria from plaque feed on the sugars from what you eat and drink, creating bacteria. As the enamel breaks down, the nerve levels of your teeth are once again left exposed.

Dr Anand’s tips to avoid tooth decay:

· Moderate your sugar intake

· Visit your dentist for regular cleaning

· Use mineralising toothpaste

· Brush your teeth twice a day and floss once day

Wanting the best for our patients, we believe that prevention is always better than extensive treatment down the track. With years of experience, Dr Anand will work with you to find the best oral hygiene routine for your individual needs.

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